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Rise and Shine!

In the middle of 2012, four guys became friends through street rides and great forums and meet ups.  Many of us were just learning about our bikes and becoming track days enthusiasts. We each decided to pursue a Racing Licence with the CMRA. Nick Lui, Joey Gutierrez, Mark Shim, and Ryan Short, all had the same passion for the sport and saw the need to grow our group for mutial benfits!  We realized the power in numbers and also knowing the cost and efforts involved with racing, it made perfect sense to join forces and cooperate. Each one of the four had something to offer, and within a few months since the first initiative, all four obtained the licenses and participated in the first CMRA race.  


In the begining of the 2013 Season, Halffast Racing Team was a bunch or rookie racers, who just wanted to place top 10.  We ended up meeting that goal and placing 8TH OVERALL. The second year of racing in 2014 we made OVERALL 7th PLACE and even started a Beta team to help feed into the CMRA. We realized that this was a huge endevor that we were not ready for. With the help of other key community members HF was able to continue with another season of racing. We are lucky to have those mentors in the larger Moto Community.


Later in 2015 the team was able to continue with the earned number of the group and wer were able to pull off a OVERALL 10th place.  With 2 Provnovs finishing their race requirements the other GROUP members made sure they were successful in their goals behind the scenes.  The TEAM was able to lean a lot of life lessons about race family and what friends really are!  We can't thank them enough for thier knowlege.  


All of this is a hugh accomplishment over the years! Team Results and Official Rosters are posted here!  

Now we have more in store. 


FOR 2016 we hope people earn the right perspective honing their craft so we can all continue to have fun in this sport safely. It seems like each year has been a developing year, but now we can look back and at least enjoy what we have been able to acomplish!  


We have had our taste of the podium, and we hope to help others step up to many more.  


Thank you so much for your support!